the kennel

I was born way out the city and was raised in a small village in the Northern part of the former East Germany. Following this I moved to the city (Rostock) near the coast to spend my teenage years there. In 1972 I became "Saxon citizen" in the small city Bischofswerda where I still live today. Over all these years I was always followed by the wish to possess a German Shepherd - and after having started over again in my new surroundings I decided that it was the appropriate time to keep the promise which I gave to myself when I was a little kid: My first dog was Candra von Eldorado.
Most beginners are naturally caught up in the circulation of making some mistakes. It seems to be a natural habit, which occurs quite often when you "only want the best" and you are not used to having a German Shepherd. And therefore it was not a surprise to me that I "spoiled" my first dog, which the instructor agreed on as well.
I finally met the requirements with Cuna vom Saaleblick.
At that time I was living in Hauswalde a small quarter of Bischofswerda. Adjoining to the village there was a small creek (Bach). Both the village and the creek encouraged me to chose the name "Hauswalder Bach" for my kennel. The name is protected ever since 1972. I raised 69 litters until December, 2001. I have got my best rating SG 6 in the youth-class (Jugendklasse) with Falko vom Hauswalder Bach 1987 at the East German National Show Trials (DDR-Siegerausstellung). Numerous top ratings in various classes followed. In 1988 my breeding team (Zuchtgruppe) placed fifth at the East German National Show Trials. After the German reunion 1989 I had to quit breeding to a large extent.
The establishing of my "meat-sausage- and speciality wholesale trading company" had and still has the full priority. After having participated at the National Breeding Show Trials (BSZS) in 1998 I was convinced to start breeding again. I gave myself a steady foundation by buying Ina von der Jahnhöhe. Numerous dogs are living in a nice and modern kennel today.
And like all breeders I would be glad to have the necessary luck, which we all need in addition to be successful.
I thank my wife Monika and my friends for the great support.

Wolfgang Feldbinder